coordinar una campana internacional para los derechos de la tierra en Haiti





April 8, 2015



Organizational Description: Other Worlds is a women-driven education and movement-support collaborative. We inspire hope and knowledge that other worlds are possible, and also help build them. We compile and bring to light just alternatives that are flourishing throughout the world, and open up new pathways for the public to adapt and integrate them. Globally, we support the movements that are propelling the alternatives. In the U.S., we seek to draw in new participants and strengthen existent efforts for economic, social, and gender justice; environmentally sound systems; and participatory democracy.



Job Description: The Another Haiti Is Possible Coordinator advances Other Worlds’ political and programmatic objectives in Haiti. These include: (a) strengthening struggles of movements there, in ways they themselves identify, for democracy, land security, food sovereignty, gender justice, and human rights; (b) providing information and other support that the movements need; (c) creating a better international understanding of Haiti and what is at stake; and (d) building the political engagement of international allies.



The Another Haiti Is Possible Coordinator’s primary work will be to co-plan and coordinate – following the lead of Haitian allies – an international campaign to protect land rights against massive grabs being promulgated by foreign investors, Haitian elite, and Haitian government (with strong backing of the US, World Bank, and IDB). The campaign will both fortify Haitians’ efforts and add global muscle. The coordinator’s work will guide popular and public education, strategy development, media work, movement support, network-building, coordination of international advocacy, and organizing. It will also involve a political campaign against one or two targets, be it/they a corporation, US government, or IFI. Because Other Worlds is so small, a focus will be on finding key players who can carry various pieces of the work.



The Another Haiti Is Possible Coordinator will also play a key role in fundraising for the land rights campaign.


Job Requirements:


  • Fierce and proven commitment to economic and social justice, and leadership by movements of those directly impacted;

  • Strong familiarity with Haiti and social movements;

  • Excellent strategic thinking and execution;

  • At least three years of experience in grassroots advocacy, organizing, and/or campaigning, preferably involving both Haitians and U.S. allies;

  • Ability to attend to the large and the small, managing a grand strategy without losing sight of the details;

  • Good human relations, communication, and writing skills;

  • The ability to work independently while being accountable to a team;

  • Fluency in English and Creole. Spanish a plus.



Location: Oakland, CA, with regular travel to Haiti.

Start Time: Immediate.  

Time Commitment: Full-time.


Salary and Benefits: Salary commensurate with experience (or as best as a small collaborative can do). Flexible hours, generous vacation and holiday policies, full health coverage.

To apply: Please send a cover letter explaining interest and qualifications, a resume, and three references to



Other Worlds is an equal opportunity employer. People of color and people from the global South are strongly encouraged to apply.


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