Ford Foundation: 2 Program Officers in Latin America

The Ford Foundation seeks to hire two dynamic, innovative Program Officers with proven experience and knowledge of policy, human rights and institutional and democratic governance to help drive and shape the foundation’s social justice work in Latin America.
Particularly, we seek:
  • A Program Officer for Mexico and Central America > see the description here: #R558
  • A Program Officer for Brazil > see the description here: #R561

with a racial justice and gender perspective, to inform Ford’s strategy and grantmaking in the regions.

Unequal access to, and engagement with government is a fundamental driver of inequality, leading to the adoption and implementation of policies the privilege the already powerful.  Ford believes that meaningful civic engagement is an antidote to inequality. Ford empowers marginalized sectors and underrepresented groups to raise their voice, claim space, influence decisions that affect them and hold governments to account.    Within this context, Ford’s Mexico and Central America Office focuses particularly on curbing impunity for corruption and grave human rights violations, by putting affected communities and a fair application of the rule of law at the center of the debate. Ford’s Brazil Office supports civic engagement and racial justice initiatives to combat structural inequality.
We seek individuals with a track record of leading social justice strategies in relevant thematic areas; a deep understanding of the context including development of the political culture and geopolitical landscape in Brazil or Mexico/Central America; experience working with diverse social networks/organization and diverse stakeholders in the region, including Afro-descendants and Indigenous peoples; exceptional leadership presence and communications skills as well as superb analytical skills and ability to strategize and to be a productive member of teams and a community of people. A post graduate degree in a relevant field of work as well as fluency in English and either Spanish or Portuguese are required.

Please forward nominations to me as soon as possible, or encourage candidates to apply through Ford’s career page:


Ford Foundation
1440 Broadway
New York, NY 10018

Tel. (+1) 212-573-5000


  • for Mexico and Central America > here
  • A Program Officer for Brazil > here

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