Coordinador(x) de Campañas de BDS en América Latina

En el archivo adjunto se encuentra la descripción completa del puesto, los trámites y requisitos para la postulación. (El documento está en inglés porque es el idioma común de comunicación dentro del BNC).

Lxs interesadxs en postularse deben enviar un CV (en inglés), una carta de presentación (en inglés y español) y al menos dos referencias a antes del sábado 28 de agosto de 2021.

Latin America BDS Campaigns Coordinator

  • Job Title: Latin America BDS Campaigns Coordinator
  • Hours: 40 hours per week
  • Annual leave: According to regulations of host country
  • Salary: To be determined
  • Location: A major Latin American city that is relevant to Palestine solidarity and affords
    relatively easy travel to other major Latin American destinations

To apply, please send a CV (in English) and cover letter (in English and Spanish) and the
contact information of at least two referees to by Saturday,
August 28, 2021.

Overall responsibilities:

Main focus:

The role of the Latin America BDS Campaigns Coordinator is to initiate and coordinate
strategic BDS campaigns across Latin America, build partnerships and intersectional
alliances, promote the expansion and consolidation of the BDS movement in Latin
America and ensure strategic positions are integrated into policies of political parties and

The coordinator will work closely with the BNC team and local partners to strengthen
and expand the Latin American solidarity network and partners and enhance relations
with the BDS National Committee (BNC), the largest coalition in Palestinian civil

The coordinator will facilitate and assist in strategizing and implementing local and
regional BDS campaigns as needed in the fields of academic, cultural, economic and
military relations.

Main tasks:

  • ∘ Help to build new and support existing local and regional BDS campaigns including
  • developing background resources and coordinating strategy meetings.
  • ∘ Coordinate global BNC-supported campaigns and support the coordination of Israeli
  • Apartheid Week and the Global South Response across Latin America.
  • ∘ Maintain and strengthen intersectional relations between the BNC and Latin
  • American civil society, including progressive parties and social movements.
  • ∘ Expand the movement to new Latin American countries by mapping, promoting and
  • supporting potential BDS campaigns, especially in Central America.
  • ∘ Help to establish and support campaign coalitions and regional coordination efforts.
  • ∘ Promote lobbying initiatives in coordination with the BNC team on official levels.
  • ∘ Coordinate with Palestinian communities and solidarity groups in Latin America.
  • ∘ Represent the BNC and advocate for the BDS movement on the grassroots and
  • official levels.
  • ∘ Develop stronger integration between the BDS movement in Latin America with
  • global dynamics.
  • ∘ Work closely with the BNC Latin America Media and Communications officer on
  • the development of communications strategies and their implementation

Qualifications, skills and competences:

  • ∘ Excellent spoken and written communication skills in Spanish.
  • ∘ Good spoken and written communication skills in English.
  • ∘ Basic spoken and written communication skills in Portuguese are an asset.
  • ∘ Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, including an ability to manage
  • workload and priorities independently, including when working on strict deadlines
  • and managing multiple projects simultaneously.
  • ∘ Proactive and strategic thinking as well as the ability to work autonomously with
  • minimal supervision.
  • ∘ Excellent research and writing skills.
  • ∘ At least three years of experience in civil society or social movement campaigning at
  • different levels (grassroots and institutional lobbying).
  • ∘ Understanding of the history of the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and
  • equality.
  • ∘ Understanding of and commitment to the BDS movement and its principles, which
  • are anchored in international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • ∘ Thorough understanding of current political and social dynamics in Latin America,
  • including social justice organizing.

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